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Throwing a Holiday Party

Nothing is more fun during the holidays than Throwing a Holiday Party!  This is especially fun when you share the evening with some of your closest friends!

My favorite thing about throwing a party is setting a theme. I really wanted to bring the outdoors in with this holiday party so I used a lot of outdoor materials.

I started my table with a mesh runner that has a lot of straw elements to it. This set the tone for an outdoor feel. I also used real holiday greenery on top to make it feel like a Christmas tree.

Oh I had one of those too! These miniature trees are not real but with the burlap on the bottom, it gives you the feel of a real tree.

I also used some wooden candlesticks. These candlesticks were actually made by my husband’s grandfather. These gorgeous candlesticks definitely give the feeling of being outdoors.

Our main dish was a smoked lamb. The lamb was seasoned with a lot of rosemary so I wanted to use that as part of my table. I wrapped some rosemary and cinnamon sticks with some burlap string around my napkins. This gave us the smell of rosemary and provided another outdoor element.

Finally, I added some holiday lights down the center of the table to create some moonlight. I really wanted the vibe to be cozy like we were outdoors in the moonlight.

The party was so much fun! Everyone brought a dish to avoid the stress of making an entire meal. It worked out perfectly. We also had the most fun gift exchange EVER! I highly recommend hosting a holiday party with friends!


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