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What I’ve Learned….Part 1

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It’s been two weeks since I turned my kitchen into a food blog!  So far it has actually helped me accomplish one of my goals….cook more!  But there have been some lessons along the way!

Follow the directions.  It sounds simple right?  But there are times when mixing certain ingredients together before adding to the main mixture is important.

Don’t substitute ingredients unless you know what you are doing.  I made a Banana Bread (still thinking about posting it) with apple sauce.  But I added apple sauce instead of sugar — big mistake!  I don’t have enough experience to determine what ingredients should be substituted.

Simple things like crust can throw off a recipe.  When I made my quiche I used a refrigerated crust that needed to be placed in the pan.  The problem was the pan was too big.  So my crust was spread too thin.  New cooks should use short-cuts whenever possible.  I should have used a frozen crust.

I have no chopping or mincing skills.  I need to learn how to cut an onion or tomato.  I know it would make a different in my cooking or at least it will take less time.

Try something new, they may just like it!  My kids are very picky eaters but they have been more interested in the food I cook since starting the blog.  Maybe it’s because they are asking to get involved.

Finally — Taco Night is still the number 1 “Theme” night in my house!

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As a married-mother of two, Chris understands the demand on all families when it comes to dinner-time. She started her food blog, Burnt Macaroni, because she wanted to make that process easier for her family and others. Follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram as she teaches herself and her kids how to cook!


  • The Souper
    07.19.13 at 1:19 pm

    Enjoyed my visit to your food blog, Burnt Macaroni. Lots of luck in your cooking adventures 🙂
    Come by for a visit at Prep2eat, my food blog. If I have learned a thing or two about home cooking, it is “prep” before the cooking process begins 😉
    Warm regards,
    The Souper

    • Chris
      07.19.13 at 4:04 pm

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I will be checking out Prep2eat too!


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