It’s soup season! And what could be better on a beautiful fall day than a bowl of Homemade Potato Soup? Soup makes everyone feel good! It’s like having an old friend come for a visit — it is very comforting and makes you homesick!

Growing up our soup of choice was a bowl of chicken noodle soup. But as I got older, my interest in soup expanded to other soups including french onion soup, Homemade Tomato Soup, and this potato soup! read more


Fall is finally here!!! And it’s inspired me to catch up on my Halloween cooking. I wanted to make something for my daughter who lives on popcorn. So I put together this Halloween Caramel Corn, perfect for her love of popcorn.

This is also the perfect treat for anyone who loves something sweet and something salty in the same bite. Between the popcorn and the chocolate, it’s perfect for all late night snackers! And did I mention this should come with an addiction warning! read more


This recipe has always been on my Halloween food bucket list! I have always loved the way this Halloween Candy Bark looked and embodied the spirit of Halloween candy. It gives you a chance to put all of your favorite Halloween candy into one treat!

I love chocolate — but I also love M&M’s and Kit Kats so I wanted to include those into this bark. read more


I can’t get enough of apple recipes this time of year! As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall, eating apples seems like the natural thing to do. So I look for new ways to serve up these autumn apples. This recipe for Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices definitely falls into that category.

It resembles the joy of eating summer popsicles as we transition into the cooler weather. read more


It’s always amazing to me how much better the simple things in life are! That includes food and some of my favorite recipes. This recipe for Coconut Macaroons is not only simple but it’s the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with coconut.

And sometimes we just need a little coconut to get us through the day. read more


If there is one thing I have come to appreciate, it’s mini desserts! We all have a sweet tooth and love to eat something sweet after every meal, but we tend to get into trouble with our portion size. That’s why these Pecan Pie Muffins are the perfect dessert.

These muffins give you the delicious flavor of pumpkin pie without all the calories. These smaller, bite-size muffins also take away all the guilt associated with eating such a rich dessert.  And it sets up nicely for the upcoming holiday season. read more


One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to experiment and create new pizza and flatbread recipes. I really think anything on a pizza crust, flatbread or naan bread is perfection. And this Goat Cheese, Tomato & Basil Flatbread recipe is as close as you can get!

For this recipe, I used naan bread which is a cross between a pizza crust and flatbread. Naan is an Indian style flatbread that is baked in an oven. I like naan better than flatbread because it’s a little thicker but has a different flavor than a pizza crust. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have to treat yourself. And it’s much easier to find in the bakery section of your grocery store. read more


Every once and a while you try a recipe that surprises you — good or bad, it makes you stop in your tracks. This Avocado Brownies recipe is one of those for me (and it’s in a good way).

I saw this come up on Buzzfeed’s Tasty food feed on Facebook and I knew I wanted to try it. I couldn’t figure out what an avocado could add to a typical brownie mix. read more

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